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masons up the lane…


I always notice this sign when i pass by Leith Walk…i love the tatty graphic, the passers-by additions (that crown!).  I guess it stands out for me because i always imagine all things masonic to be injected with a bit of cash and taking place in some dusty, historical building…


…even more intriguing, to get there you have to venture down the kind or semi abandoned lane you might normally find in 90’s Brit TV drama depictions of the hunt for serial killers…now i catch myself sounding snippy and snobbish but really, it’s quite a scary wee lane…especially in the dark…regardless, their website says  “A private club for members friends and family. The Edinburgh Masonic Club is a peaceful oasis of traditional style pharmacy and atmosphere, space and comfort…”

Adjacent to the club lie the remains of Shrubhill Tramway Workshops and Power Station, opened 1898. The complex is dominated by an octagonal brick chimney, with decorated top section on a square masonry base. The power station housed the haulage engines for cable-tramway operations. SO now you know!