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ThinkArts films….

Here are a couple of films i made about the ThinkArts residency i recently participated in (see previous few posts).


work in progress…



So we have a beautiful large gallery space at the City Arts Centre to work in for the second half of our residency. See above how it was when we entered it. Inspired by all that space and all our discussions we decided to make a multi sensory installation for small children, based a somewhat on all the things we have discussed and shared over the past 2 weeks but also in a collaborative, cross disciplinary way which hopefully pulls us in directions we might not be able to manage on our own.. See below for apparent chaos but actually its just work very much in progress, will post more as our cunning plan develops…and hopefully will develop further and beyond the residency:

img_1258img_1262img_1267img_1268img_1279img_1282img_1285photos 2,5,6,7,8 by Nik PT

late artists…

Very much enjoying the halloween inspired windows of greyfriars art shop at the moment, particularly enjoying the fact that the names mentioned do not consist entirely of dead white men!


stop motion eclipse…

stop motion of that eclipse (see previous post)

eclipse stop motion from marga vp on Vimeo.

Best to watch the film big (click on “enter full screen” bottom right hand corner of vimeo screen) or the sun will look a bit tiny.

(almost) total eclipse of the sun…

Blimey, it’s not like me to be current on this blog but when an eclipse of the sun conveniently appears through your living room window it would seem churlish not to act upon it. Isn’t it weird how elemental it all got, the sudden fading of light and it got so/even colder and is it just me or did everything go a bit quiet?? Anyway not having any fancy filters or glasses or anything, i was glad when the clouds rolled in as it meant i could actually look at this marvelous thing…

IMG_7231…no it’s not the moon, it’s the eclipse of the sun as viewed from the southside of Edinburgh at 10.26am (i think we got an eclipse of round about a max 94%).