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openings and human drawing machines…

Some of the UNIDEE residents’ work is currently on show in some of the exhibition spaces here at Cittadellarte. We had an opening, to which not so many people came…unfortunately the show coincided with the precise day when EVERYONE in Italy decides to simultaneously go on holiday…it’s not easy!…Regardless of numbers some good work was produced. I particularly liked Eduardo Cachucho’s performance where he reads out coordinates that are drawn out on a grid by two other actors…here is his film of the performance:

Eduardo Cachucho

Artist Aided Drafting (AAD) video: E Cachucho

Özgür Demirci

Who likes it?

Özgür (not pictured above) made a work about our obsessive need to give the “thumbs up” of approval of everything that we view and consume on-line…

Özgür and Elmas drawing for Eduardo while Silvio (98 years old!!) looks on…

urban exporation app…

Wanted to blog about Eduardo Cachucho. He is one of the residents here at UNIDEE, he is from South Africa and is an architect/graphic designer/artist.

Anyway, Eduardo is a bit of a techy genius and after a week or two he had already come up with a nifty little app that allows you to negotiate a town or city through a series of instructions whose interpretation is left up to you. He has refined that idea and come up with an app specifically for Biella (he is working on other cities). It is called Derivé – an urban exploration app. See some of the instruction cards here:

Dérive is a mobile application that aids a user in exploring their surroundings through the use of randomly drawn ‘task-cards’. These cards are refreshed every 3min creating a sense of urgency in the exploration for new objects, things, colours, people etc to follow, find, experience.
Influenced by the Drift Deck created by the Near Future Laboratory in 2008, Dérive allows a user to install the application to their phone and take the ‘cards’ with them wherever they are“. Eduardo Cachucho (Click here for relevant post on his site)

(photo Eduardo Cachucho)

CLICK HERE TO Try the Dérive App (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Compatible, viewable on PC/MAC)