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travel update…

…i interrupt this series of archival salone posts to celebrate the fact that i finally made it onto my plane…and we were not alone up there…

Crazy cloud formations towards the end of the alps…incidentally, i posted this photo on my Blipfoto account and this was one of the comments i got:

In shipping we call this ‘a near miss’ regardless if you use the zoom function. The relative speed should have been in the +1600 km/hr region when he was heading into opposite direction. A remarkably shot. Can’t imagine NCA will be proud.  ~ GERT

I was too busy fumbling with my camera to worry about stuff like that…but i did think it was a bit close!

I did not tamper with the colour here, the sky was crazy blue…and no ash in sight.

Chasing the moon, which was odd as it was 2.20 in the afternoon.

Winding road and cloud shadows, am always looking for signs of life from the plane…still looking.