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The filloeira – a cast iron skillet that allows you to make multiple filloas simultaneously.

After the matanza you always make rexos aka chicharrones with the odd cuts of pork and fat (see here for method), it is a way to render down the meat, to confit it so it lasts longer.

Rexos are delicious just with a hunk of bread, but even better added to savoury crepes known as filloas (see here for the recipe). The filloeira would have originally had legs and sat over the fire to cook.

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Went to Vijayawada by public transport for the first time, previously i had always gone with the doctors (there is a rotating population of Italian paediatricians here at this time) in a fancy air conditioned car…it costs 2600 Rupees (€43) to hire that car and driver for the day.
This time i went with Z, she has been volunteer teaching here for 5 months now so she is a pro at all this stuff…so we took the 252B bus from Gannavaram. No seat…standing…and the scrum to get a seat should one become free is quite a sight. These elegant ladies in their sari’s suddenly become monsters!…anyway, the bus costs 13 Rupees (21 cents)…that’s more like it…that’s the last time i take the car! The gangway inside is packed and we often take small pothole strewn roads to pick up people from small villages…It’s a challenge to my inner balance just to remain standing…but we get to Vijayawada safe and sound..love it.


… i know this place looks a bit ropey…and if we want to there are some fancy air conditioned restaurants in town. But you have to take a chance on local food i think. Anyway the place on the busy Besant road was packed with families so it seemed OK. Actually the food was great. This is the special Thali…vegetarian, don’t ask me what everything is, am still trying to work it out but there was sambar, pickle and 2 veggie curries, yoghurt……price 55 Rupees (90 cents)…yum… Am getting quite good at eating with my hand (right hand only, remember left hand in India is for less sanitary affairs!)


another foody revelation…freshly pressed sugar cane…wow…so good…sweet (obviously) but also fragrant with a hint of gingery spice… cost 6 Rupees (10 cents)…and the machine that they use to press the sugar cane is beautiful…

all videos filmed with flip mino HD (third generation)