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selection processes…

So am here at the Fondazione Pistoletto again for a number of different reasons,

one of them being that i am helping to select artists for this year’s UNIDEE in residence. Not an easy job going through all those applications trying to make a decision, especially when you know an acceptance can really change the path of someone’s life like it did with mine…or not of course! And then the other thing is that no matter how good an application is on paper, you have no idea what is going to happen until people actually arrive and start to interact with each other…It can be great, it can be terrible, it can be indifferent…we will just have to wait and see…

the loneliness of the long distance application reader

day one…

We have a blog for this event i am working on :

It is worth looking at as we have writers, journalists, illustrators, film maker (well me….) all contributing, and it is updated a lot throughout the day.

So Thursday was a little chaotic as all first days are, i had technical nightmares including my editing software programme failing on me, and then when i resolved that, my (very expensive) video camera completely broke down, kind of a problem considering i am in charge of video at this workshop….and then the other girl who is supposed to film the entire event managed to arrive…without her video camera.. Still managed to get stuff done though…

Food is a big part of the workshop programmme, was is today’s dunner menu:
Dinner 20th – SUD SUD SUD!

Rosanna proposes:
the tradition of Southern Italy, simple food from a humble land: bread products – “pucce” (small breads with olives and vegetables) to be eaten with tomatoes, rocket and tuna, “pittule e cottu” (small fried bread balls with vine molasses), dried tomato soup,  “pitta de mennule” (almond cake). Sweet bread for the breakfast of 21st.
Bread making with “pasta madre” during the afternoon, open to participants – the original technique of leavening, the transformation of flour into bread and more.
It was very very good!
here is rosanna making pittule:

reason for being…here

rice fields and water tower just outside Biella, with alps in the  distance

…so am back in Biella at Fondazione Pistoletto for work. Am part of a 10 person strong editorial team behind the research-project-conference-event “Methods_Processes of Change“.

official blurb:

“The research project “Methods” investigates the methodologies applied in creative processes for the social responsible transformation. A research that for several years has involved personalities of the artistic world who are parting from specific social problematic issues and through a network of communities, organizations, public and private institutions have come to realize new modalities of exchange, dialogue and co-creation”.

Our job is to document the event and synthesise each day’s events

It runs for 5 days starting tomorrow…each day is thematically programmed, so for example the first day is all about transformation of the self…here the programme of that day to give and idea:

Yep, its pretty full. Right now am setting up a blog that will live(-ish) stream the event, and then for the conference itself am in charge of video documentation, making lots of short films, and taking photos… My head is spinning right now with the amount of work to be done…but i love this kind of work really. Will post more and relevant links when they go live.

Back to Biella…

Back to Biella, where I lived for four and a half years and where I eventually went just a little bit mad from being quite so far away for so long from EVERYTHING really. But now that I don’t actually live there any more i really like coming back to work on projects with the Fondazione Pistoletto. Right now am here to help in the selection of residents for the 4 month summer artists in residence programme and will be working over the summer as collaborating artist on the Unidee staff. Did it last year and really loved the work.