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galician wild flora…

Walking in the countryside, i bump into a neighbour who asks why i bother to bring my camera as there is nothing much round here…how wrong can you be!! This is just a fraction of what i saw… i couldn’t identify everything but i could revel in the extraordinary beauty of some of these wild plants that i found in the province of La Coruña, Galicia..

Not such a common sight these days, this is old-school Galician rural planing, small fields contained by natural fencing made from thorny, creeping plants

the exquisite Linaria Triornithophora (three bird toadflax), looks like some kind of exotic orchid…

Asphodelus Albus (white asphodel) – ancient Greeks associated it with death apparently…

Lithodora Prostrata

Lathyrus Latifolius (perennial pea or everlasting pea), looks a little like a sweetpea

Fumaria Muralis (wall fumitory)

Digitalis Purpurea (common foxglove)

this incredibly beautiful grass is Triticum Araraticum (wild wheat)


Wild Thistle

Arenaria Montana (mountain sandwort)

I can’t identify this one which is frustrating as it is so beautiful…it is abundant and also comes in a white version…

Finally my all time favourite wild flower, the humble and exqusite wild poppy