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bordeaux and submarines…

A photographic post on my walk to the submarine base in Bordeaux. It is being used as one of the venues for Evento, the Bordeaux biennale…It was built in 1943, it took me a long time to get there…on foot…and when i did get there it was closed…luckily i really enjoyed the getting there part…here are some images:

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open house…

Finally got to our open studio day…the culmination of a 4 month residency here is Biella – unseasonably warm weather meant that we set up in a sweaty, sunny day which ended in a temperate evening and a really big crowd…one of the biggest i have seen round here for a while…here are some images…

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…another intervention on the Cittadellarte walls by street artists from the URBE association from Turin.

who is the woman you most admire and why…

Of course it is no accident moravia video lab is a workshop for women, run by women. But these are girls of 12 to 18 or older so we are trying to be non didactic but at the same time highlight positive examples of women in the girls lives and reflect on them for a little while. With this in mind, we went on location with the girls so that they could film each other responding to the question “who is the woman you most admire and why?”.

Zarahi chose Frida Kahlo

This time instead of the more guerilla style filming on location with mini flip video cameras in hand, they used a tripod and conventional video camera to get the feel of a more professional practice.

Yenifer chose her sister Carla

Katherine chose her mum

It is incredibly hard to film in Moravia, silence simply does not EXIST!! We did battle with trucks, hammers, street vendors, loud speakers, children, planes, music…EVERYTHING…

However with a little patience we found a few moments of calm in which to shoot. The girls used tripod and video and the results are really great, the women they chose ranged from their mums and neighbours, to psychologists, political activists, artists and actresses…Right now the films are in Spanish, will subtitle asap…

cazzo guardi…?

Milan Graffiti…

With all the chi chi design, it’s nice to enjoy some earthy lo-fi home grown talents with emphasis more on the content than the execution…. Got to love a sense of humour. Cazzo guardi?  – What the fuck are you looking at?

Too right, but it is fun to look at… both taken around Zona Tortona at the heart of the Fuori Salone

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