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giants among beautiful micro worlds…

Tortona graffiti above still in the macro world, but i’m on my way to the Triennale to see more of the Salone…

Now i really love a good architectural maquette me, so i spent a lot of time in the Triennale at the Repower (swiss power company) and Italo Rota (milanese architect) exhibition. In the following photos you see models relating to our relationship with energy, conveyed via architecture, technology and the environment… and they are brilliant!!!

…of course there is an Italian element here, so there are an inordinate number of tiny female models in even tinier bathing suits…but isn’t the plastic water good??

Did i mention i love these things?…these quiet, intimate little spaces…obviously am missing the whole point of the exhibition…too busy obsessing over these models…oh well…off to read something more…

GIANTS among the microworlds!!, more maquette photos in my flickr here

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