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UNIDEE in progress

I think preparing for group art shows must be a little like childbirth…in that you conveniently forget all the pain involved… which allows you to embark on the next one…otherwise you would never go back for more…arghhhhh!!

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photos by Margavp with extra material from Shah Zaman

We finally had our end of residence show (for more see posts from june-october), the results/works in progress from 4 months of an Italian contemporary art residence. I was coordinating the event which was not easy due to the usual restrictions that come in a cultural institution operating within the financial constraints of a global economic crisis…and also the Fondazione was opening 3 or 4 shows on the same date so resources were spread thin…very thin!!! However we survived…all of us…just… with a great show from a group of very lovely people…some good art…oh yes… and a lot of people turned up!!!…