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some more muggu…

Some more muggus (hindu chalk/powder drawings of welcome) from the village of Ajjampudi, because i love them…

P1170016 P1170029 P1170030 P1170062 P1170072 P1170076

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ajjampudi muggu artists…

Ajjampudi is a small village to about 1 km walk from the orphanage where i am staying. I walked through it early on Christmas morning as i was curious to see if the muggu (Telugu word for the Hindu welcome drawings  drawn in powder daily on the thresholds of homes, shops, entrances…) would be any different on this day.


I was surprised at what i found, as well as the usual Hindu patterns i know, there were many western Christmas messages and imagery also, although i should have known this as Catholicism is very big in this area. It was particularly embraced by the very poor as it eschews anything to do with the caste system and its social stratification…

This is the classic muggu pictured here with its author

muggu (above) and portrait of muggu author (below):


…however these are not so typical…:

muggu with author

the powder here seems a bit lumpy and claggy but i found the drawings and movement lovely…


In the local villages you can tell if a house is Hindu by these patterns of welcome drawn outside the entrance. They are refreshed daily or weekly using powder or chalk. Dots are drawn first and then linked with lines. You can see these better here on my flickr account.