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kites on the roof and to hell with heath and safety…

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…so i brave the bone crunching one hour bus journey to butterfly hill for a third time this week going back on Saturday to make kites with some of my kids from class. I learned how to make them this summer and the kids all know how to make them too. All you need are some newspaper, thin sticks, some thin string and some scotch tape, though the kids tell me if there is no scotch tape, they use cooked rice in a little water as a binding agent.


It’s incredibly effective this method, the kites fly beautifully and the boys pay special attention to making long trailing tails…



…don’t even get me started on the health and safety issues here…i tired to stop them from going on the roof but there was no way…considering i spend 2 months in vehicles with no doors and no seatbelts or getting lifts on motorbikes with no helmets…well it’s par for the course…

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