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Hmmm, inspired by a close brush nature last night…basically i woke up ‘cos i felt a lizard nestling in my arm pit area…yes folks that is correct…it felt smooth, cold and rubbery. Was mostly annoyed rather than freaked out as this particular lizard was breaking the rules, ie they stick to the walls and the ceiling and not to me!!!. Too bad i did not have the wherewithal to photograph the situation but it was 3.00am. ANYWAY, in lieu of evidential images of aforementioned incident, please accept some gratuitous fauna shots, mostly from my classroom window:

P1090541So many different types of Kingfisher live here!

IMG_0497IMG_0498This beauty is a kind of woodpecker and flies to and from the trees in front of our computer lab and believe it or not makes a kind of guttural Woody Woodpecker noise as it flies!

IMG_0514classroom inhabitant 1, climbing up my computer wire…

IMG_0745classroom inhabitant 2, on my desk…