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salone spaces…

Spaces in and around the Salone di Milano 2011:

Encroaching gentrification gains pace in Isola district – taken from a roof garden on Corso Como.

Ferre building in the city centre

The vast and incredible foyer of the Teatro Manzoni

Taken in the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro – the piece of furniture is called “total tool”. I will be honest, it’s an unfortunate title, actually it’s a terrible title and for those who don’t know it, the word tool can be used to mean idiot. What a total tool indeed!

…all part of the surreality of the Salone here Disney, Tron and corian kitchens and furniture are combined in a vast warehouse display…

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burt bacharach and the duomo…

Isola, milan, am wondering how they all came to agree on the same red curtains…

So i found myself in front of the duomo of milan at around 10 at night, Burt Bacharach was giving a free concert in the square, only problem was it was around -8 degrees C. Burt who usually wears a tux was in tracksuit bottoms, a puffa jacket and a woolly hat, he played the piano wearing gloves, a first for him. The duomo was all lit up because of the festival of light (hence the coloured lights on centrale see previous post).