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…So i went to the Architecture Biennale of Venice with hight hopes, i generally like it better than the art version it alternates with bi-annually…the next few posts will feature what i saw there. But i want to start with a few more of the national pavilions in the Giardini venue (see previous post). I love these little venues – they don’t really relate much to one another but instead reflect the architecture of their times bouncing between classical – modernist – post modernist… I photographed them in and between sporadic showers of torrential rain:

(recently refurbished) Finnish Pavilion designed by Alvar Aalto in 1956 (one of my favourites!)

Austrian Pavilion designed by Joseph Hoffmann in 1934 – a modernist white cube

Canadian Pavilion designed by Milan-based architecture firm BBPR in 1958

Uruguayan Pavilion – apparently it used to be a warehouse for the biennale and it’s the smallest pavilion – hidden amongst the trees…

South Korean Pavilion designed by Seok Chul Kim and Franco Mancuso in 1995

Israeli Pavilion designed by Zeev Rechter in 1952

Swiss Pavilion designed by Bruno Giacometti in 1952

For more pavilion architecture see my flickr set