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a spot of gardening…

This is a really nice school project. The kids (divided by classes) have become responsible for small plots of land, where they sow, tend and harvest vegetables to be used for their meals.  I can view this first hand as in Butterfly Hill school, the plots are just beside my classroom. They must weed and water 2-3 times a day. In the mean time they get a practical lesson in horticulture, sustainability, consumption and responsibility. They are growing leafy veg like spinach, tomatoes, lady fingers/okra…all kinds of stuff…you can see from the photographs how quickly things grow here…

1 week:

P1140596 P1140692

2 weeks:


3 weeks:

P1150298 P1150346 P1150348

4 weeks:

P1160438 P1160442 P1160457