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in on the joke…

…another nice moment during the UNIDEE residency…Michelangelo Pistoletto, totally in on the joke as Kosta Tonev, a UNIDEE artist in residence interviews him about a particularly ugly pair of shoes he (Kosta) bought in Biella because they were decorated with a symbol that looked suspiciously like Michelangelo Pistoletto’s own symbol for the Third Paradise.  Pistoletto (un prompted), an old pro in the art of performance and irony, answered all questions deadly seriously but with a glint in his eye, managing to juggle the absurd with high art…it was a very nice moment…

below is an excerpt from Kosta’s film:

“I am interested in the discrepancy between the intentions of the author and the meanings that are expressed unintentionally. I want to challenge the concept of authorship often seen as uniqueness and originality.” Kosta Tonev