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bishop azariah…


I go to Bishop Azariah school in the nearby city of Vijayawada. They have day kids but also boarders. Some of the kids from the orphanage start off at this school and others go back for further education after school has ended as it also has attached colleges of further education.


The best thing about coming to India year after year is the network of kids and young people you get to know. I was surprised to find quite a lot of my former students from Buddavaram here…

P1250827Prasanna, one of my most talented students from the past years (and a thoroughly lovely person), seen above on the right, is here so she shows me around. Prasanna has no parents and grew up in the orphanage along with her 3 other sisters all of whom i know. They are a lovely family and it’s very touching to see how much they care about each other…

P1250776girls wait to see the visiting doctor

me getting mobbed during break time!

P1250787 P1250789  this is the main hall where the girls sleep at night on mats, it’s cool, clean and airy

P1250809prasanna takes me to meet her old primary teacher

P1250811a classical dance lesson

P1250813 P1250815 P1250822 P1250823library

P1250831the games mistress

P1250835a tableau extolling the virtues of physical exercise