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life as a cheap suitcase…

More art: this time at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge – Life as a Cheap Suitcase (Pandrogeny & A Search for a Unified Identity) showing at till Sept 26 (and it’s free to get in).


Stations ov thee Cross (partial)


Demon Child

…lordy what to make of all this??? Frankly am bored by artists’ self mutilation/ surgical enhancement journeys, it’s been going on FOREVER…don’t get me wrong, am all for them doing it, taking that trip…just include me out of the selfie loop please…but this is Genesis P-Orridge who always interests me (Wreckers of Civilisation is a fantastic read- i thoroughly recommend) So here are some images of metamorphic objects …post surgery trans/pan gender ops not included ‘cos they BORE ME STUPID!!! However if you want a more measured/less ranty point of view, read Neil Cooper’s piece for the List at the bottom of this page.




Tongue Kiss


The Poisonous Trap of Biology, Frozen Replication


Feeding the Fishes