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rain and the city…


Did i mention the traffic here? unbelievable chaos EVERYWHERE all the time, in the city but also in the bigger villages and main roads. Just crossing the road is pretty hairy, cars weave in and out of lanes, monster trucks do battle with three wheeled bikes…and no seat belts EVER, even the cars i have been in that actually have seat belts…they don’t work.


And indian people like to cluster, even outside the city in the dark in the middle of the road, you have to swerve as you come across groups of men…chatting. Lorries stop randomly….all of them have signs on the back saying “please honk your horn” (presumably to let them know you are there)…but no need to worry, every driver honks regardless, generally every three seconds, for the entire journey. Drove around Vijayawada in the pouring rain, huge lakes of brown water replacing the roads. Watched pilgrims bathing in the Krishna river dressed either in scarlet or black robes in the pouring rain. Saw a dead body perched on a stretcher atop a lorry both of which were festooned with turmeric yellow petals, waiting to be burned on the Krishna river (was kind of beautiful) all witnessed from the back of a car in the pouring rain.