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salones past2…

So here are some images from the Milan Salone 2009 (see previous post). One of the things about going to the salone year after year is that you tend to see the same things over and over again, it’s a little depressing to me that the only things that caught my attention enough to photograph them that year were the more blockbustery exhibitors, however when something is good, it’s good regardless of who did it… (cod philosophy 101).

So Love Difference had a big installation of the Mediterraneans (a series of chairs that delineate the physical boundaries between land and sea – by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Juan Sandoval) of maquettes and full size works at the Triennale:

red sea maquette

caribbean sea maquette

life size chairs

…and speaking of blockbusters, chi chi italian purveyors of all things porcelain Richard Ginori had a hugely impressive hangar full of installations:

the great wall of china?

i could go on and on with Richard Ginori but i will stop here, sufice to say i liked it…

more archive salone posts to follow…