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in the forest…

As ever am a sucker for sheer spectacle, and throw in a bit of state of the art technology and that will do nicely for me, so i was happy to spend some time just looking at shiny, flashy things in the canon installations for  “In the Forest”:

“Fall in pop” by Mintdesigns, Nobuhiro Shimura and LUFTZUG

Fall in Pop is made up of 3D screens made from draped fabric in which motifs are projected, filling the space with light and colour. The sculptural form is meant to give the feeling of waterfalls as images trickle down the textile.

Also part of In the Forest – Japanese architect Ryuji Nakamura and imaging artist Nobuhiro Shimuraa are responsible for ‘spring‘, a cube-like matrix structure made-up of piano wires which are arranged in a lattice format. Images are projected on the floor:

photo montage of Spring

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