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in praise of colombian food…

The food here is heavy but really good. It is heavily influenced by indigenous ingredients like sweetcorn, yucca and plantain…they fry things A LOT…but they also eat a lot of fruit – we are in the tropics so everything grows here and i have tried many new varieties…

…breakfast of carrot juice, arepa (a little maize bread roll) and pan de queso – a sweet and salty donut shaped bread…

…frijoles – beans that you can eat on their own or with rice, ground beef and a patacón (fried plantain)…

This is WONDERFUL!, pictured above and below are fiambres -in Spain fiambres are cold cuts of meat or salami… – but here a fiambre is a general term for a packed lunch. Way before Tupperware there were giant banana leaves, which were used to wrap up your food for the day…

…i opened this one up and inside was…a bed of rice with a little ground beef, a chorizo sausage, an arepa (maize bread) a poached egg and papas (potatoes)…

The Colombians also have a really sweet tooth, they have a version of dulce de leche here called areqipa. These above are obleas, thin, giant wafers between which are sandwiched the ultra sweet arequipa and a salty crumbled cheese…they are DELICIOUS…

…club colombia – excellent prize winning Colombian beer…to be continued…

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