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food as a diffusion…

Here in UNIDEE we talk about food a lot – remember that most of the time, we share a table 3 times a day…for 4 months! It can be a little much some times…once you have left home you simply don’t share so much time – all the time – with the same people…

(escalibada – roasted aubergine, peppers and onions in a garlicky dressing)

Especially at the beginning of the residency food is something we all have in common, something we all can talk about…we talk about the differences, our eating habits…our national culinary peculiarities…the Philippine love for bannana ketchup…

(preparing the sangria – the vodka gives it that extra “kick”)

I have to say though, that preparing food together and then sitting down to eat it has to be one of the most satisfying group activities available. During times of stress it can diffuse (at least temporarily) tense situations. Right now, three quarters of the way through this 4 month residency, things can get pretty tense, people get pissed off, impatient…normal stuff… However for one night at least, all this can be forgotten. On this particular occasion it was the turn of the Spanish contingent…who went off to the cafeteria to prepare a dinner of iberian delicacies. Four of us cooked gazpacho, tortilla, croquetas de pollo, escalibada, pulpo a la gallega, calamares and pan tumaca all washed down with a delicious but deadly sangria. Two hours of frenetic kitchen activity followed by a long evening shared around the dinner table…Life for those few hours at least was pretty good though i say so myself…

(pulpo – octopus, is first boiled till tender to prepare pulpo a la gallega – full recipe here)

(thanks to Aleksandrija Ajdukovic or the photos on this post – ‘cos i was too busy cooking!)

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