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Went for a wonder with a couple of the Italian doctors here, felt a bit like we were THE archetypal tourists, all three of us invading, armed with cameras…was a bit embarrassed though no one seems to mind our presence, they find us funny (or stupid maybe?). This village sits around a lake just 4 minutes walk away from “home”(one of the few bodies of water i have seen around here that is not -apparently at least- filled with refuse). It is also where the Lake House is. The Lake house is also part of the orphanage and it is where they send the boys when they hit 13 or so… i think to keep them apart from the girls, who remain living in the main campus.


indigenous architecture around the lake; the mud walls and palm thatch is much cooler than the concrete blocks they have now started to construct, but have the problem of encouraging rodents and snakes, however they do stand up very well in the monsoon season.


the lake house (formerly the house of a wealthy farmer from the 1920’s)

(I love my India is a Hindi song from the bollywood film Pardes from the 90’s…apparently if anyone is putting on a show, they always pull this one out of the hat).