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ego ego ego…

Forgive the rampant egoism of this post, but a lot of my students made portraits of me last year…not ever an assignment i can assure you, but i loved them and all the little details they picked out, here are some:

IMG_1293May have posted this one before, but it deserves a re-post, Anusha got my hair, the flower and the bag down to a T…


IMG_2486Me and my omnipresent camera…and factually correct earrings.


IMG_2768Thomas did this one, he got my hair, flower, bag and bindi, and the red lipstick! Genius!


IMG_5157Narasingh is not officially my student but drops by from time to time…it’s me working on my laptop! and he even caught how i always hook my bag on my chair. Bloody brilliant!!


P1250235Longtime student Angel drew this one.


P1260215Hemanth, giving me fabulous jewellery!!!


Not in India yet but am going through a mountain of material from this time last year…actually caught this from a moving and very bumpy school bus so was pretty happy with this shot of a wee boy (or girl?) just at the other end of a hissy fit.


neglecting my duties…

…someone wiser than me referred to blogging as being like tending a garden, you need to water it and tend to it regularly or ultimately it withers and dies…which is absolutely true and i must admit i have definitely neglected the watering part of late…so i shall try to make amends. There have been foraging trips and Spanish culinary adventures, all coming soon, in the mean time here is another photo from India. I would love to say it was a requested portrait but it was me who did the asking, they looked so marvellous in the early morning light:

requested portraits and mugging for the camera…

Requested portraits are a category of photographs i take whereby the subject asks for the picture to be taken and they pose themselves, i just shoot, here are a few recent ones:

P1240364just back from temple, she was beautiful…P1260365 early morning Bhavani Deekshas

P1270344village kids…talk about mugging for the camera!

P1270350no child was injured!

P1270354for more requested portraits see here

it’s all about that hat…


Herminda (see previous post) thinks am nuts (and possibly a pain in the ass) ‘cos i keep taking her photo. Am outside gardening, trying to help out but keep my camera at hand ready to leap into action…

Photographed in rural Galicia, NW Spain