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she knows how to grow stuff…

Herminda is 76 years old, she has worked physically hard all her life, like anyone who has a bit of land in the Galician countryside, she knows how the land works and she knows how to grow stuff. She is around 4 feet 10 and strong as an ox and says as long as she can, she wants to carry on working.

a few more requested potraits…

I still get requests for photos, but not as many as when i first started going to Andhra Pradesh in 2009, the premise for this photo series is that the portraits must be taken at the behest of the subject, here are a few of them, for more requested portraits from previous visits see requestedportraits.com and also here.






kids with cameras…

Am giving photography classes this year again. We begin with portraits, but initially am just trying to get the kids to understand about the importance of the direction of their source light, how to stand properly to reduce camera shake and how to focus. With portraiture they can also learn about composition and the difference between the snapshot of a pal and something that tells us a little more about the character.

Here often the girls and boys have some very rigid and defined conceits as to the roles of girls and boys even in education. I really like to teach photography as there are no gender preconceptions, everyone is the photographer and everyone is the subject and much of the theory of subject matter and composition can be applied to other art disciplines…


Bear in mind these are the first efforts for some of these kids, aged 9 -15, some of the images are really great…I love these two in particular:

more great images taken by the kids:

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this last one is taken by myself  but spot the budding photographer in the background!

top notch people watching…

With the Salone comes excellent people watching opportunities. I tend to save portraits of people for when i am in India. Am a bit shy taking pictures of folks up close in the western hemisphere, in India people march right up to you and request pictures which makes things a lot easier. But here the streets are paved with magnificent photo opps and everyone is very happy to have their picture taken.

She is here regardless of the Salone, she has a regular pitch in the Brera district of Milan. No idea if she is any good but she looks bloody marvellous.

I found this quaintly old fashioned these nivea vespa taxis – that giant tin of nivea is actually strapped to the back of a small female (you can just see her wee legs at the bottom of the tin) who rides around the city on a vespa advertising as she goes – very 1950’s

They were publicising Harmony books – romantic novels in the vein of Mills and Boon. Anyway i asked for a photo and they posed away…

They are paid to sit on the sofas all day listening to ipods and flicking through magazines – pretty good gig really.

This lot were omni present, advertising for nokia, here they are on Tortona, sorry i never caught the guy, his glasses even coordinated…

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