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mcIntyre’s magnificent drapery stores…

Three cheers for this recently restored (end of 2012) and mightily magnificent frontage of Poundsavers on Nicolson st…


It used to have a really ugly wooden hoarding hiding all this beauty, but they got a world heritage grant and down came the hoarding to reveal most of the original frontage in tact or at least salvageable. Originally it was the purpose built (1899) McIntyre’s Drapery Stores…McIntyre & Co were ‘Warehousemen and Costumiers of ladies’ dress’…how marvellous…wish they still were.


Turns out that the shop front itself is at least 50 years older than the rest of the building and was actually part of the original Georgian tenement (flats with shops below) which was on the site before the new shop was built in 1899. Exciting stuff and makes you wonder what else is out there hiding behind chipboard hoardings…If you want to know more, there is an article about it all in the Edinburgh World Heritage site…Oh and lest we forget how it used to look, here is a photo i found on the site scotsman.com: