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cooking the haul…

Cooking the results of foraging…

This was SO satisfying, cooking some of the stuff we gathered (see here and here), especially things  i had never even heard of, never mind eaten before.

Even raw the pungitopo (see end of yesterday’s post) tasted good…stalks the colour of young aubergines, sweet, then bitter and then a kind of a raw chestnutty after-taste, the resulting risotto was also sweet and delicate and pretty darn good really…here is what we did with our harvest:

wild asparagus & pungitopo risotto (risotto agli asparagi selvatici & turioni di pungitopo – ta D!) & wild chicory salad (Insalata di cicoria selvatica)

Make a stock with what ever you have to hand and add the chopped asparagus and pungitopo tips (the asparagus will need a little longer to soften) to tenderise them, remove from the liquid when the are cooked but not mushy and reserve the stock.

In another pan sweat some chopped onions and wild garlic or chives in some good oil till soft, season and then add the risotto rice and mix for a minute or so so that all the rice is nicely coated.

Add a ladle full of your stock and keep stirring till the stock is all absorbed, keep repeating this action one ladle at a time till the rice is cooked to your taste, just before the end add the asparagus/pungiotopo tips.

Serve with a wild green leaf salad known around here (outskirts of Rome) as cicoria (similar name but apparently not the same as our wild chicory), chopped up with some onion, wild garlic, a hard boiled egg, seasoned and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice…The bitterness of the salad is a great counterpart to the sweetness of the risotto.

For a much more comprehensive and expert guide to foraging click here and here

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