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Wanted to write a little about the way kids dress especially village kids who have a bit more choice in what they can wear than the orphanage kids. A few days a week the kids can wear their own clothes and not the usual school uniform. Synthetic fibres are the textiles of choice which is strange as cotton is very cheap here…but synthetics have much brighter colours, they fade less and wash better. If you have a bit of cash you can plump for some nice silk but really…most females are in nylon…but i must admit, nylon or not am seduced by some of the beautiful prints as in the image below:

P1150262Twins Kavya Sri and Navya Sri wearing the most wonderful print punjabi tops..they kept moving and laughing…hence the blurriness…my absolute favourite outfit(s).

P1150294On the right in white and pink Teja is wearing a mazarkali, which has to have net sleeves and is more a dress than a top.

P1150980Mounika, Kavya sree and Teja – a trio of punjabi tops (the tops usually have waist high side slits.

P1160131Pravallika in black punjabi.

P1160133Jyothi is wearing a patiyala which typically has a shorter top and voluminous pants.

P1070050P1070052Fantastic shirts for boys made by the tailors at the orphanage.