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So the word is that this years salone was a rather flat if busy affair, still sorry to have missed it, there is always some wee gem to be unearthed, or some horror…speaking of which…back to the Milan salone of 2009.

Arghhhhhhh coffee table punk rock it’s just SO SO wrong!!!!Don”t they understand what those words mean?????!!!…But obviously i took photos anyway and now am going to show you them:

oh, look what is casually slung in a corner…(and if you know a wee bit about music …and you come from Edinburgh…well, this is very very funny)

tiles from 2009:

and finally for this post…and still in 2009, i kind of like this mountain/sofa alpine extravaganza in a perverse way…though am not sure i want to sit on it…or own it, on second thoughts maybe i don’t like it…