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Looks a little like a hamam, but actually its very dry a la Olafur Eliasson…Twilight – an installation by Tokujin Yoshioka


Exterior, just off Tortona – part of the joy of the Salone is getting to enter courtyards that are normally closed to you.

Meanwhile inside… Luce Tempo Luogo – Light Time Place by DGT Architects and Nobuhiro Fushiya. And speaking of Olafur Eliasson, this is not a million miles away from the principles i saw at the Venice Architecture Biennale (see previous post). Anyway it was an interactive/spectacle type of affair….

The light that the installation emitted was not constant but pulsing, this was barely perceptible but it effected how we perceive movement as you can see below, that strange ghost effect is not an editing trick…

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the sun does not always shine in Biella…


industrial age woolmill on the banks of the cervo river…in the fog

the tempest

*nebbia -italian for mist/fog

meteorology of a walk…

I always say, you don’t come to Scotland for the weather…take last Saturday for example, a lovely day for here around 20 odd degrees, look, that is actually the sun, you can see it lighting up the Scottish parliament. There it is hiding beneath turf landscaping behind the dandelions or are they goats beard??? should have checked for that tell tale hollow stem (see previous post)  and buttercups…

…and there is the castle doing the same thing, but oh oh, where has the sun gone???

never mind, even the animals are performing for the camera…and he can relax, rook eating season is over…

so anyway, knew it was too good to last, that’s THE WEATHER you can see rolling in from fife over the forth…i took it as my cue to get down off the mountain…

…and sure enough, twenty minutes later…


There is a new mvp website for a separate project, click here to go to requested portraits website.

rain and the city…


Did i mention the traffic here? unbelievable chaos EVERYWHERE all the time, in the city but also in the bigger villages and main roads. Just crossing the road is pretty hairy, cars weave in and out of lanes, monster trucks do battle with three wheeled bikes…and no seat belts EVER, even the cars i have been in that actually have seat belts…they don’t work.


And indian people like to cluster, even outside the city in the dark in the middle of the road, you have to swerve as you come across groups of men…chatting. Lorries stop randomly….all of them have signs on the back saying “please honk your horn” (presumably to let them know you are there)…but no need to worry, every driver honks regardless, generally every three seconds, for the entire journey. Drove around Vijayawada in the pouring rain, huge lakes of brown water replacing the roads. Watched pilgrims bathing in the Krishna river dressed either in scarlet or black robes in the pouring rain. Saw a dead body perched on a stretcher atop a lorry both of which were festooned with turmeric yellow petals, waiting to be burned on the Krishna river (was kind of beautiful) all witnessed from the back of a car in the pouring rain.


sunday and the weather…

The weather has changed and it has started raining intermittently, the humidity barometer now reads at 102% (is this possible, should i now be swimming??) There are huge puddles everywhere, its fine here in the campus where everything is clean, but anywhere outside it is a bit of a health challenge…can’t begin to imagine what it is like during monsoon season. Sunday is the only day the kids don’t go to school, so they are everywhere: playing, studying for exams, going to church (like i said, there are a lot of christian/catholic indians here…)

around the campus:



“da carlo” the orphanage barber (spot the italian influence)


coal fired iron


The kitchen: that huge grindy machine bottom right grinds coconut into a paste for curries.


babies home – standing: zoe and abby (some have indian some anglo names), zoe is HIV positive and abby arrived here in a terrible state last year having been tortured by her grandmother.