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Back at the Salone in Milan, in the square in front of the Duomo i come across this robot portrait meister…the subject sits for a few seconds on a little stool, the robot lurches its arm/eye towards the subject, watches and records his details, draws, displays, erases and begins again…

ROBOTLAB – Autoportrait, 2002 – from ZMK Center for art and media Karlsruhe, Germany and KUKA Roboter GmbH, Austria


My favourite bit is at the end when it displays the work to the crowd, and then rubs it out. The robot worked tirelessly all day and did not stop for lunch…

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Final post about previous salones…if  i remember correctly, all the following images are all from a selection of Japanese exhibitors from the Triennale at the 2009 salone in Milan:

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this was fun to watch for a wee bit; robot cubes with sensors that anticipate and move in accordance with an individual’s footsteps, creating a moving footpath…