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all singing all dancing conclusions…

We have finished our workshop for now…but not for good, the idea is to come back again and train more people, make trainers of the young women we have began to work with so that this project will grow and sustain itself. But for now we have finished.

Our concluding event is unlike anything i have ever been involved in. We hold it in the auditorium of the Centro de Desarollo Cultural de Medellin where we have been based for the past 4 weeks, it is the very much used centre of the community, so it makes sense to present here. We show the films of the girls in 3 chapters which are interspersed by break dancers, capoeira dancers and a rapper (female).

Here you do things differently and as we are surrounded by music and dance, it makes sense to include it in our presentation. We are careful to choose acts that always include a positive female presence.

Film by Jessica Mazo (Zarahi)

The film above is by Zarahi, it’s an homage to a graffiti work she participated in a couple of years ago, which in turn was a homage to Moravia. She brought in the music herself to edit into the work. I think it is brilliant.

Well what can i say, it the whole thing, the workshop, the presentation was a bit of a success i think, the girls are a mixture of embarrassed and very proud to see their work in public and on a big screen, i think it was very empowering for them to see how much they could do in such a short time. They all received certificates for their work. They ask us what now? they are keen to do more…which is great and hopefully will happen…For it just to end, for the girls to stop learning and not have more opportunities to push their new skills…well they will have had a nice experience but with no lasting effect…

Some girls bring all their family, Kate’s grand mother can barely walk but she still managed to get here as did her mum and her aunt and cousins…

new filmmakers from moravia…

…finally getting to show some of the work of the girls from our workshop…bear in mind they have had around 8 or 9 days of training, and some were not computer literate…i think the results are amazing, they range from comercial to retrospective to documentary…Even if you cant speak spanish i think you can get it (will subtitle eventually…when i get the time)

En moravia hay espacio para la musica

Film by Maria Alejandra Galeano

Persona Introspectiva

Film by Carolina Ramos Perea

La Bermejala

Film by Adriana Bustamante