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salone di milano 2011

“Nice Ball’ by Paola Pivi (bloody terrible title!)

Lots of posts to follow about the Salone, a city-wide furniture and design fair held in Milan every year. Could not go last year because of a certain pesky volcano in Iceland…Reminds me a bit of Edinburgh during the festival when suddenly you get to peek inside every nook and cranny of the city that is otherwise closed to you. Best thing about the Salone though is it’s all free (if you avoid the vast but tedious “official” Salone in the city outskirts of Rho)

Some things i saw:


click on any of the above to get a better view

Taken in the one of the courtyards of the Milan Università Statale

Chair made from rolled up newspaper, part of a Chinese installation, from the China Redstar Design Award.

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salones past2

salones past


Final post about previous salones…if  i remember correctly, all the following images are all from a selection of Japanese exhibitors from the Triennale at the 2009 salone in Milan:

moss pod gardens

water repellent fabric

“please do not touch”

this was fun to watch for a wee bit; robot cubes with sensors that anticipate and move in accordance with an individual’s footsteps, creating a moving footpath…


Just a brief post on an object of extreme desire on my part; the CP Company’s wonderful 1000m Goggle Jacket (car endurance racing jacket), also on display at the 2009 salone in Milan (see previous posts here and here)…and i want it:

enough said…

salone 2009


So the word is that this years salone was a rather flat if busy affair, still sorry to have missed it, there is always some wee gem to be unearthed, or some horror…speaking of which…back to the Milan salone of 2009.

Arghhhhhhh coffee table punk rock it’s just SO SO wrong!!!!Don”t they understand what those words mean?????!!!…But obviously i took photos anyway and now am going to show you them:

oh, look what is casually slung in a corner…(and if you know a wee bit about music …and you come from Edinburgh…well, this is very very funny)

tiles from 2009:

and finally for this post…and still in 2009, i kind of like this mountain/sofa alpine extravaganza in a perverse way…though am not sure i want to sit on it…or own it, on second thoughts maybe i don’t like it…

salones past2…

So here are some images from the Milan Salone 2009 (see previous post). One of the things about going to the salone year after year is that you tend to see the same things over and over again, it’s a little depressing to me that the only things that caught my attention enough to photograph them that year were the more blockbustery exhibitors, however when something is good, it’s good regardless of who did it… (cod philosophy 101).

So Love Difference had a big installation of the Mediterraneans (a series of chairs that delineate the physical boundaries between land and sea – by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Juan Sandoval) of maquettes and full size works at the Triennale:

red sea maquette

caribbean sea maquette

life size chairs

…and speaking of blockbusters, chi chi italian purveyors of all things porcelain Richard Ginori had a hugely impressive hangar full of installations:

the great wall of china?

i could go on and on with Richard Ginori but i will stop here, sufice to say i liked it…

more archive salone posts to follow…