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mini robots dance to thriller…

…happened upon this at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh…part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival…a formation dancing troupe of mini robots…enough said…oh and please forgive the poor quality of film, i was camera-less and had to use my phone. Check out how they sit down at the end of the first clip, it’s weirdly human…

3D photocopied people…

So in a temporary pod like structure in Milan’s Piazzo Duomo i found a few things, i already blogged about the robot who draws portraits from life, see here. Also there were these strange little figures, at first i walked right past them, then i realised how freakishly real they seemed:

Personal Factory Room by Karin Sander

A person is scanned with a 3D whitelight scanner and built in plaster with a 3D printer in grey tones. The colour data as well as the colour of the form of the scan are transformed into SDL files for an inkjet printer, which 3 dimensionally builds the figure in colour, according to the whitelight scan like a black and white photograph. The colour of the figure is not applied to the body surface afterwards; the colour info is part of the data of the bodyscan and therefore par of the building process. One could call it 3D black and white photography or 3D colour printing…

Also at the same location in the Second Nature Room – works that through bio and biotech principles propose other natures: Shroud, 2010 sculpture in grass, jute and wood made by Ackroyd & Harvey.

Its huge actually, at least four metres high, and its kind of repellent in the way it drapes, like animal fur…i guess that’s the point, nature, manipulation, inappropriateness…anyway it caught my attention.

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