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blockbuster art and absolutely no photographs please…

It’s blockbuster-grand-spectacle art time, as split over 2 venues, Anish Kapoor has a show in Milan. Now am all for a bit of spectacle and am definitely up for a bit of Anish Kapoor, but was really irritated by the 2 exhibition sites covered in “photography strictly forbidden” notices. This is at the behest of the artist, but really, in this day of instant mass communication where we seem to live and die by the instantaneous sharing of photo images…well really all this photography verboten seems a bit old fashioned and really kind of hard to implement…needless to say, at the Fabrica del Vapore, the Italians were all snapping away, as was i goddamnit…

At the Fabrica del Vapore site (see above and below), a work called “Dirty Corners“,  kind of a leap of faith. You walk into a giant steel tunnel structure and wait /hope for your eyes to adjust to the darkness…actually its a very gratifying, sensorial experience. For full “sanctioned” coverage and some great images see here

Meanwhile at the other site at the Rotonda de via Besana you can see 6 other works…

C-Curve 2007

This room is heavily invigilated, hence clandestine style (not so great photos)…strange that such a public artist should be so persnickety about the public actually photographing his work. Lighten up Anish!!

S-Curve 2008

Anywhere else this would be a blockbuster show with huge crowds, yet this Saturday i enjoyed the luxury of both locations with only 4 or 5 other people around.

…and regardless of my earlier moaning, if you are in Milan, the show is hugely enjoyable and definitely worth a visit…hours of fun…


paladino and the salt mountain…

“La Montagna di Sale” – “The Salt Mountain” by Mimmo Paladino – huge installation in Piazza Duomo.  35 meters in diameter and 10 meter high containing 150 quintals of salt (transported from Sicily) – what happens when it rains???

Incidentally 1 quintal = 100kg

interventions on existing public art works…

(my photo of this was rubbish so i had to play with it in illustrator)

Happened across an intervention on the sculpture by Maurizio Catelan a few weeks ago in Milan, already blogged about the work (see previous post).  But this time someone had made an intervention on it, they had placed a ring on that famous finger. Normally i love a bit of guerilla intervention on existing works, but i became less excited when i read the accompanying text which said it had all been done with permission of the local council and the artist etc….no fun…

(this was strung around the plynth – not translating it, it’s not interesting enough)

ANYWAY… it reminded me of a really brilliant intervention made on an Edinburgh landmark years and years ago….

…in front of St Mary’s Cathedral, Picardy Place in Edinburgh stands Eduardo Paolozzi’s giant foot sculpture ‘The Manuscript of Monte Cassino’. Anyway years and YEARS ago (the 90’s i think, does anyone recall?), i remember that someone painted its toenails pink. Genius!, Paolozzi apparently loved it… See below my photoshop re-enactment:

So i remember the real thing being more beautiful and messy, great drips of paint running off the toes and all…but i have scanned the internet and can’t find any pictures, so this will have to do.

maurizio cattelan’s middle finger…

Am moving around a lot at the moment, now am in Milan for work, i come across this relatively new intervention in the heart of Milan’s financial district, the Piazza Affari, right in front of the Italian stock exchange building.

The work is called L.O.V.E. in marble like its rationalist surroundings and including plinth, it is 11 metres high.

officially it’s name is L.O.V. E. – so it stands for love – but everyone can read between the lines and take away the message they see for themselves.”
Maurizio Cattelan

Well i am a pretty simple person really so i know what i read from it…It is so obvious and puerile (despite the smoke and mirror allusions to classicism..see the broken fingers) that actually i like it, and i like the idea that the stock exchange gets the finger every moment of the day, every day…and i guess, in a city as deeply conservative as Milan it’s good to see something, anything that is not so goddamn POLITE!