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in search of the red barber…

…ah the red barber, i had such plans for him… i wanted to interview him, maybe even make a small documentary…but i was always very busy with the kids and it was hard to get someone to come with me to translate…

Finally, near the end of my stay i managed to arrange for Dalayya to come with me to speak with him. As luck would have it, the very moment we arrived, a very loud publicity car parked in front of his shed booming a commercial about pesticides…the car remained as did the soundtrack drowning out all possibilities of conversation. I have to say that in the 6 weeks i was in Buddavaram i never saw this car…except for this one time when i was trying to record an interview…oh well…

things i did manage to ascertain:

being a barber is a family trait handed down to him
the business is his
he decorated the shed himself
he likes red
his brother is also a barber
it costs 20 – 30 rupees for a haircut
it costs 10 rupees for a shave

the red barber’s brother – also a barber

As a thank you for all the times i photographed him and his patience and good humour, i took him a copy of one of the photos. Next time i passed i saw he had pinned it up. I was chuffed, you can see it in the photo below on the right…

See my flickr page for full red barber set so far