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giuseppe and the mountain…

Am a bit afraid of heights me, but i do like a trek up a mountain. 20 minutes away from Biella lies the small village of Piedicavallo, from which you can ascend many different mountain paths….

ex rifugio olimpia

Half way up the mountain at around 2000 metres i come across Giuseppe tending his sheep, he has a weather beaten face and 1 front tooth left.

He just turned 80 and his knee is a bit dodgy, but he still gets up and down the hills, in summer he lives in the mountains, with no electricity and a food delivery from a helicopter 3 times a month (the only time he eats fresh food) the rest of the time he eats mostly polenta and other dried goods. He says the sheep keep him busy 24/7 and he never gets a holiday. There used to be lots of people like him on the mountain, now there is just him…

wild orchids on the mountain