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sobrado dos monxes…

Been wanting to post about this place for years. In the small village of Sobrado dos Monxes, in rural Galicia resides the magnificent, decaying yet stoic stone pile of MAGNIFICENCE known as St Mary’s of Sobrado, a still functioning Cistercian monastery.


It’s always freezing cold inside no matter the season or temperature outside, and invasive plants and moss cover the farther reaches of the internal buildings. The few remaining monks look after it the best they can but there is neither the money nor the manpower to maintain the building against the elements and the inevitable reclaiming encroachment of nature. Really, it’s exquisite, full of intricate stone detail. It costs almost nothing to enter and you can even stay the night in their hostel. My photos can’t do justice to the scale and atmosphere of the place but if you are ever in Galicia, you should go there!