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restaurant still lives…

The restaurants of La Coruña and Santiago de Compostela often have glass windows that display the local fine raw produce they cook inside. The windows groan under the weight of great hunks of meat, octopuses (please note that the plural of octopus is not octopi – it’s a greek word, not a latin one…so there!) and all manner of shellfish…I find these windows to be incredibly beautiful, like a Velazquez still life or the raw materials for an Arcimboldo painting…

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Meanwhile in bar malpica we feast on chippirones a la plancha (chargrilled squid), sweet and caramelised by the grill, parrochas fritas (fried little fish) and pimientos (little fried sweet green peppers)

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still life in kitsch…

OK, ok so i have a weakness for snow domes…and dodgy religious figurines…

still life in kitsch on my window sill

Incidentally i love the Italian and Spanish terms  for still life: natura morta / naturaleza muerta – literally dead nature (also the French: nature morte). How come the English is so much more toned down/ less dramatic?…beautiful though…still life…