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salone spaces…

Best part of the Salone di Milano is getting into spaces that are not normally available to you or getting to nosy into shops that normally are way too chi chi for the likes of me!

terracotta wall of fragrant rosemary, off via Tortona

courtyard off Tortona

Stone Island installation

Beautiful In the Forest matrix multimedia installation by Canon, more on this in a later post…

“Growing vases” reflecting their surroundings by Nendo -metal pipes used by glassblowers left in place, so the light becomes the bulb and the pipe the flower…

From tasteful white surroundings to the über eclecticism (and over pricedness) of Rossana Orlandi’s store in the Magenta area:

Yes my friends, those are stuffed tapestry animals for hanging on your wall, the stuff of nightmares, but rather magnificent in their awfulness (and ridiculously expensive by the way…).

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salone spaces


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