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sunday morning but definitely not the velvet underground…

…well seeing as its Sunday and i am an enthusiastic atheist…here is some religious stuff…and yes i know its been a while!

Footage taken November 2014

IMG_2919 IMG_2920 IMG_2938photos taken in Ajjampudi village November 2014

sleepy sundays…


Sunday, sunday…it’s very hot, after lunch and everyone is asleep…




i see online that its -2C Edinburgh right now…am very, very happy to be here. I retreat to the roof to read. Kindle is making my time away much more reader friendly.


View from the roof…the swamp behind us is gradually drying which means a few less mosquitos…


Yesterday’s sun set, just thought i’d sneak that in…


…and yesterday’s yellow moon over Rena Home…apparently a yellow/orange moon means a snake will come and eat it!

sunday and the weather…

The weather has changed and it has started raining intermittently, the humidity barometer now reads at 102% (is this possible, should i now be swimming??) There are huge puddles everywhere, its fine here in the campus where everything is clean, but anywhere outside it is a bit of a health challenge…can’t begin to imagine what it is like during monsoon season. Sunday is the only day the kids don’t go to school, so they are everywhere: playing, studying for exams, going to church (like i said, there are a lot of christian/catholic indians here…)

around the campus:



“da carlo” the orphanage barber (spot the italian influence)


coal fired iron


The kitchen: that huge grindy machine bottom right grinds coconut into a paste for curries.


babies home – standing: zoe and abby (some have indian some anglo names), zoe is HIV positive and abby arrived here in a terrible state last year having been tortured by her grandmother.