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off again…

andhra sunrise

alas…am no longer in India, just getting through the mountain of material i accumulated there (so there will be more India posts a bit later), was relieved to leave with minimal fuss unlike last year where the whole school turned up to wave me off leaving me profoundly moved and profoundly embarrassed…not that i got off scot-free…

andhra sunrise

I managed to keep it together to say goodbye to my house mates, the small girls of luisiana home (just)…but then back at the main office, the Italians (visiting dentists and paediatricians) made such a fuss and then my older students turned up to say goodbye and of course i started to howl…which was a cue for each of the Italians to have their photo individually taken with me all red and tear stained and with me shouting “stop stop, this is a nightmare!!!!” in italian, and them snapping away…meanwhile one of the Indian staffers looked on singing “smile…though your heart is breaking…” It was indeed bitter sweet…pretty funny, even i was laughing in between sobs…Then just to pile things on a bit more, they sent some of the little girls in the car with me to see me off at the airport. One turned to me and said “don’t cry Marga” and i was off again…arghhh

goodbye beautiful Indian moon

views from a hill…

Its bloomin’ freezing around these parts, but it make s for pretty sunsets…

Edinburgh sky on fire from the foot of the Crags

forth road and rail bridges silhouetted by the setting sun, seen from up on the Crags…

the view from Blackford hill (click on all the images for better views)

Blooming Gorse (or is it broom? i mix them up…) with Arthur’s seat and the Crags, currently turning bright yellow with the flowering plant. The flowers incidentally smell a little of coconut and i have found recipes  to make wine and beer from them amongst other things.


points of views…

(click on photo to see it a bit larger)

Best thing about going to the movies down in leith (even if the film is terrible…see below) are the views before you go inside; see above, and when you come out, see below:

for a better resolution photo click here

Sunset on Leith…flour factory to the left and hideous reclaimed-land-Dubai-style apartments complex on the right, no shops, no cafes, no life, very creepy when you are actually there.

Back to the subject matter of film… i guess i am the last person on earth to go and see Avatar, but all that 3D just reminded me of my favourite toy i had a s a kid. It was called a view master, you slot a photographic transparency disc into it and hold it up to the light and voilà – everything goes 3D! The view master is way WAY better than the film by the way.


meadows on fire…

for a better resolution photo click here

Walking home across the meadows near sunset the other night. No lights are on in that building in the distance (Edinburgh Uni’s Appleton Tower i think), it is entirely lit up by the low (still) wintry setting sun reflecting on all its windows, it looked like it was on fire.

I only just noticed the tiny human figures on Arthur’s seat, you can just about see them, tiny little stick people right at the top – doesn’t matter when it is, there always seems to be someone at the top of Arthur’s seat – (they always make me think about the tiny coffin figures from a previous post).