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bring on the dancing horses…

Still with the Salone, i would love to post cutting edge, innovative design…but  didn’t see any. Instead i had to settle for pure spectacle, and i have to say that i kind of loved this 3 metre rearing stallion studded with 20,000 Swarovski crystals. You have to love something that honest in its vulgarity and shininess …and it spun round all day to a sound track of semi decent Neil Young soundalikes…

Light Stallion by Traviganti

Made on site at the Traviganti workshop

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salones past…

…so as was obvious from the last couple of posts, i could not get to Milan last week due to THAT volcano eruption. My reason for going was to visit the annual art/design fair held in Milan, generally known as the “Salone”. The whole city throws open its doors for a week or so with many beautiful, generally inaccessible corners of the city suddenly becoming open to the general public. Anyway obviously i missed it this year so i thought i would dedicate the next couple of posts to Salones gone by… (forgive the quality of some of the photos – did not have such a nice camera in them days…)

Salone 2007 – is it just me or is this Swarovski crystal curtain a tad vaginal???

Swarovski installation from the 2007 Milan Salone – a magnificent and sparkly palace of tackyness…marvellous


In 2008 Michelangelo Pistoletto was given the medieval market space in the heart of the city, Loggia dei Mercanti in which he installed the Segno Arte Uffici:

kinetic work by Pistoletto, pedalling the  bike creates the power to light up his segno arte

A 3 metre square version of the Metro Cubo d’Infinito (Cubic Meter of Infinity) again by Pistoletto,with an entirely mirrored interior, it is kind of overwhelming and compelling when you get inside, i hung about for hours trying to experience it on my own, but it proved too popular a spot.

inside the cube

I really wish i could claim authorship to this beautiful photograph, but it was taken by Enrico Amici (you can see him snapping away inside the cube in the exterior picture looking in – directly below the bike film).

…and just for fun i will end this post with some more Swarovski tack form 2008, a giant revolving crystal rendition of the globe…hurrah:

(wonder what i was talking about???)

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