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mitigating circumstances…

(this morning, sunrise in Galicia – no photoshop, it really looked like that…must get up early more often)

So now I find myself in Galicia for a wee bit…and as the photograph below implies am not exactly in a metropolis! Expect some foodie posts!

In the mean time let me tell you of my modest cyber circumstances. If I walk a couple of kms or so I get to a bar in Curtis (NOT as in “Mayfield” but pronounced “coor-teese”) In this smoky bar there are a couple of coin operated PCs…of modest abilities that eat money a lot for a living.

It is here amongst the brimming ashtrays and table football (yes they still smoke EVERYWHERE here!!!) and highly erratic opening hours that I attempt the occasional post so please…bear with me…

Yes…it is written…“CURTIS, closer to heaven”!!! (in gallego – local language used by all – and castellano – official spanish -) I can only guess we are referring to altitude here (600m above sea level)…and FYI I have spent a LOT of time here over the years so am allowed to throw a few digs at Curtis!!

Oh…and the photos do not exaggerate, Curtis ain’t pretty…and Galicia is in general very pretty… and i often think that Aki Kaurismäki could set a film here (though maybe even for him…it’s a little too quiet!!)