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read all about it…

A slight diversion from the Spanish posts to mention something i should have posted before. I post on another website, a photographic one called Blipfoto (see here), it started off as a modest Edinburgh based site where you are are allowed to post only one photograph each day and that photo has to have been taken on the day you post it. All the photos are public and everyone can see everyone’s work. Anyway, Blipfoto has become huge in the last year and the press got interested. There were articles in the Times and the Sun, to cut a long story short they used my photo in both articles.

from The Times, Wed 29 Dec, 2010

Blipfoto were hugely apologetic as both papers failed to credit any of the photographers but i was fine with that…not so keen to have my name in the Sun anyway! Interesting to see the differences between tabloid and broadsheet on the same story.  The boys standing on their head is my image, i posted about them previously here.

from The Sun, Mon 3 Jan, 2011