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ThinkArts films….

Here are a couple of films i made about the ThinkArts residency i recently participated in (see previous few posts).

island life…

Island: A multi sensorial experience for small children 

So our joint installation Island, came and went, the fruit of three weeks of talks, discussion, sharing, videos, music, walking, theatre, building, a lot of crawling about under things on hands and knees and…er donuts, a lot of donuts.

Anyway here is a glimpse of some of the things we made:


Most importantly it was the culmination of all these things finally tried and tested by the young audience for whom it was bespokely (is that a word?) created. It lasted for a couple of hours max as opposed to the week it took to conceive, assemble and install but then is that not one of the joys of art? an ephemeral moment that lives on in the memory rather than lingering on in the place.


For myself as an artist and practitioner it was a highly rewarding experience, working on a common goal and collaborating with people from other disciplines and backgrounds is as good as it gets for me and for sure i developed work i would not or could not have done on my own.


ThinkArts residency – artists from Kolkata and Edinburgh. Participants: Ruchira DasDana RoyMargarita Vazquez PonteYvonne BuskieNik Paget-TomlinsonThis Residency was funded by Imaginate and the British Council with partnership support from the City of Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh University.



work in progress…



So we have a beautiful large gallery space at the City Arts Centre to work in for the second half of our residency. See above how it was when we entered it. Inspired by all that space and all our discussions we decided to make a multi sensory installation for small children, based a somewhat on all the things we have discussed and shared over the past 2 weeks but also in a collaborative, cross disciplinary way which hopefully pulls us in directions we might not be able to manage on our own.. See below for apparent chaos but actually its just work very much in progress, will post more as our cunning plan develops…and hopefully will develop further and beyond the residency:

img_1258img_1262img_1267img_1268img_1279img_1282img_1285photos 2,5,6,7,8 by Nik PT


Ruchira and Dana were telling us about an amazing market in Kolkata, where you could buy all kinds of weird and wonderful things…you know, the stuff you don’t need or think you don’t need and then you see it and suddenly…you really need it (even if you don’t really!) Anything like that here???

img_1139loThinkArts Residency 2016 (Photo by Coral)

Well maybe not but i did think about the following place, very different but with its own charms and so…We took a trip to the Borders Scrap Store in Musselburgh, a hidden treasure, an absolute wee gem of a place filled with sundry scraps and remnants of …well stuff and ephemera…leftovers from factory productions, last of range stuff, bolts of cloth and wool etc…you never know what might crop up there.

img_1117lo(that’s rolls of quality street wrapping paper on the right by the way)

We went along for some inspiration and to have a look. If you have any kind of craft or arts project, you might want to try here, get the bus to Musselburgh and it’s about a 2 minute walk from the Brunton Theatre…definitely worth the trip.


You can find the Scrap Store at the Fisherrow Center, South St, Musselburgh, opening hours are  MON 1.30-4.30pm WED 9.30-4.00pm FRI 12.00pm – 4.00pm


the power of the group…

Whenever i am in a position of teaching, be it at Art college, with artists or school kids, i am always espousing “the power of the group”,  how much more you can get done, how much braver or more ambitious you can be…

Am reminded of that in this current residence i am undertaking. 5 or us are here, 2 from India, 3 from Scotland, from music, theatre and fine art backgrounds all with the common thread of making/creating/facilitating creative work for children and young people. We are spending 3 weeks together working thematically on the nature of work and installations for children and young people.We have no idea how the residence will end, hopefully we will be enlightened and maybe we will make a work, or instigate something that continues beyond our current geography and time frame…who knows…but one thing’s for sure, don’t ever underestimate the power of the group!!!


ThinkArts residency – artists from Kolkata and Edinburgh

Ruchira DasDana RoyMargarita Vazquez Ponte, Yvonne BuskieNik Paget-Tomlinson