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Looks a little like a hamam, but actually its very dry a la Olafur Eliasson…Twilight – an installation by Tokujin Yoshioka


Exterior, just off Tortona – part of the joy of the Salone is getting to enter courtyards that are normally closed to you.

Meanwhile inside… Luce Tempo Luogo – Light Time Place by DGT Architects and Nobuhiro Fushiya. And speaking of Olafur Eliasson, this is not a million miles away from the principles i saw at the Venice Architecture Biennale (see previous post). Anyway it was an interactive/spectacle type of affair….

The light that the installation emitted was not constant but pulsing, this was barely perceptible but it effected how we perceive movement as you can see below, that strange ghost effect is not an editing trick…

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No, not the teeny romantic vampire gubbins, but the beginning of the long days and evenings that lead to summer, right now twilight happens around 9pm…

Not really my cup of tea cricket (in the edinburgh meadows) but i happened upon it walking home and the colours were really popping with the fading light…

Rabbits by the woods near blackford pond just after dusk. This was a 40 second exposure…now i just need to train the rabbits to stay still…

views from a hill…

Its bloomin’ freezing around these parts, but it make s for pretty sunsets…

Edinburgh sky on fire from the foot of the Crags

forth road and rail bridges silhouetted by the setting sun, seen from up on the Crags…

the view from Blackford hill (click on all the images for better views)

Blooming Gorse (or is it broom? i mix them up…) with Arthur’s seat and the Crags, currently turning bright yellow with the flowering plant. The flowers incidentally smell a little of coconut and i have found recipes  to make wine and beer from them amongst other things.