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biennale supermarket…

So time to jump back a little bit, back to the Venice Biennale and the Arsenale venue in particular which i never posted about…Impossible to show here really…the vast and beautiful complex of buildings always wins over what is inside (except for the Architecture Biennale from 2010), and worse still “controversial” curator Vittorio Sgarbi (Italian art historian, television personality and former under-secretary of culture) is showing his “art knickers” to us all in the vast Italian Pavilion and it ain’t  pretty…However Sgarbi is not everywhere and for sure as ever it is fascinating and there is much to see and debate…

Sheffield based Haroon Mirza’s The National Apavilion of Then and Now. He is the recipient of the Silver Lion for a promising young artist.

I loved this!! and i got here just in time i think… things were already (purposely) starting to drop off!) it’s Untitled by Urs Fischer – It entailed three 1:1 scale wax sculptures – giant candles actually, which gradually disintegrated as the Biennale months wore on – I took this picture in early July…i guess by now there is just a giant puddle of wax on the floor…

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